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    Hoek Cells and Sample Extruder

Hoek Cells and Sample Extruder

Strength and Deformability Tests

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The Hoek triaxial cells are offered in five models of different size; each one consists of the following:

  • A cell body (1),complete with two quick release self sealing couplings, for the introduction of the hydraulic oil and cell pressure, and for air outlet  and saturation of the chamber respectively.
  • Two end caps (2),screwed into the cylindrical cell body.
  • Upper (3) and lower loading caps (4) with spherical coupling.
  • Two female spherical seating (5) connected to the loading caps (3) and (4) for the correct transmission of the axial load from the loading frame of the compression machine to the specimen.
  • A rubber sealing sleeve (6) to separate the specimen from the cell fluid. Although each sleeve can be used for several tests, an order of five spare sleeves is recommended. 
Note: Hoek cell HQ type model 45-D0557 is provided with an upper spherical seat and a lower supporting collar that assures the vertical position of the cell even when not subjected to load. For this reason holding device code 45-D0556/H is not required with this model.

Measurements of axial and radial strain are carried out with the use of electric strain gauges (7),both in vertical and horizontal direction, directly glued on the lateral surface of the specimen. The wiring connections are passed within the rubber sleeve  trough the cell body and loading cap. Each strain gauge must be connected to a proper device (see 82-P0398) to complete and balance the Wheatstone bridge.

The strain gauge measurements can be performed by automatic or semi automatic testing systems (see Related Products below). 
The cell pressure and saturation pressure for permeability tests are carried out by the use of appropriate equipment (see Related Products below). 

It is also recommended the use of a Specimen extruder to extrude the rock sample from its jacket thus avoiding to empty the confining fluid. 


  • Hoek cells for triaxial test  Hoek cells for triaxial test 1234567
  • Various Hoek cells dimensions are available: AX, 1.5", BX, NX and HQ types
  • Designed for high pressure capability
  • All models are fitted with two quick-release self-sealing coupling
  • One rubber sleeve is already included with the Hoek cell
Specimen size
d x h [mm]
Total height 
45-D05541.5 in.38.10x752644