• PCB test kits for dielectric fluids

PCB test kits for dielectric fluids

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Designed to be used in the field, Clor-N-Oil is a fast, accurate method to test electrical insulating fluids for the presence of PCB.

Each pocket-sized kit contains everything necessary to perform the test in less than 5 minutes. All premeasured reagents are sealed in glass ampules for safe, fast, consistent and accurate results.

Clor-N-Oil is available for testing transformer oil at three different action levels; 20 ppm, 50 ppm, and 500 ppm. To eliminate the possibility of false negatives, Dexsil calibrates all Clor-N-Oil test kits on Aroclor 1242. Aroclor 1242 contains the least amount of chlorine (42% by weight) of the Aroclors found in electrical insulating fluids. By calibrating our test kits using Aroclor 1242, the user obtains the most conservative results. When Clor-N-Oil test kits turn purple, you can be assured your oil sample is below the action level.
  • Analytes: Chlorine/Chlorinated Organics
  • Matrix: Used Oil, Solvents, Organic Liquids
  • Detection Method: Quantitative colorimetric titration
  • Action Levels: 200 - 4000 ppm
  • Low Range: 50 ppm to 10,000 ppm
  • MDL: 200 ppm
  • MQL: 600 ppm
  • Interferences: Sulfur may cause false positive results
  • Overall Accuracy: 10% +/- MDL
  • Analysis Time: Less than 5 minutes