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The DataMate MP readout is compatible with a variety of sensors. It can display and record readings in engineering units.

DataMate Manager software is used to create a database of sensors and calibration factors and to transfer this information to the readout. The DataMate MP can then display and record readings of these sensors in engineering units. The software is also used to retrieve readings from the DataMate MP and save them in a database. The MP Graph program, also included with the DataMate, creates simple graphs and can also export filtered data to an ASCII file for use in a spreadsheet.


  • Displays and records sensor readings.
  • Transfers readings to PC.
Memory 8,000 readings
Battery 12V, 10 hours continuous use
Size 292 x 107 x 64 (11.5 x 4.2 x 2.5")
Weight 1.65 kg (3.7 lb)


57710900 DataMate MP