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The V-Logger is a compact data logger designed to monitor four or eight (model dependant) vibrating wire sensors.

It is simple to use and economical to deploy.
The V-Logger is ideal for monitoring multilevel piezometers and multipoint extensometers.
It is also useful for supplementing a larger, centralized data logging system.


  • Simple to Use: Learn how to use the V-Logger in minutes, not hours. There are no programs to write and no switches to set.
  • Cost-Effective: V-Loggers are the right size for many projects. It is possible to deploy two or three V-Loggers for less than the cost of a full-size logger, while significantly reducing cable costs and eliminating the need for complex programming.
  • Reliable:The V-Logger is rated for temperatures from -40 to +85°C, and is IP68 rated. Readings are stored in secure, non-volatile memory.
  • Flexible Communication Options: The base model of V-Logger features USB communication between the unit and the computer running the supplied Logger Manager program. Alternatively, an RS-232 option is available to allow connections to external spread-spectrum radios or cellular modems. Finally, the logger can be provisioned with DGSI’s custom Hermes radio, an integrated spread-spectrum radio designed with power management in mind.
  • Convenient Data Processing: The supplied Manager program retrieves readings and stores them in a text file, ready to open with a spreadsheet. The file contains two data values for each reading: a value in Hz and a value in engineering units. Thus calibration factors need not be applied in the spreadsheet, if they are programmed into the V-Logger
  • Atlas Compatible: The Manager software can also store data in a format that is compatible with Slope Indicator’s Atlas web-based monitoring software.
  • Compact: The V-Logger measures 228.26mm H x 198.1mm W x 97.3mm D (9.0 x 7.8 x 3.83 inches).