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    piezometer from Slope Indicator

piezometer from Slope Indicator

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The push-in VW piezometer can be pushed into soft, cohesive soils to monitor porewater pressure. The top of the piezometer is threaded to accept a drill-rod adaptor. Readings are obtained with a VW readout or data logger.

Sensor TypeVibrating wire
Resolution0.025% FS
Accuracy±0.1% FS for 3.5 and 7 bar sensors, ±0.3% FS for 17 and 35 bar sensors
Size35 x 270 mm (1.375 x 10.5")
Cable4-wire, shielded, polyurethane jacket


SL526210203.5 bar • 50 psi piezometer
SL526210307 bar • 100 psi piezometer
SL5262104017 bar • 250 psi piezometer
SL5262105035 bar • 500 psi piezometer
SL50613524Signal Cable