• Standpipe Filter Tips

Standpipe Filter Tips

For Standpipe Piezometer

  • DGSI - 5141740X - 5140510X

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Standpipe filter tip is used with plastic riser pipe.

Tip mates directly with 0.75" slip coupling and is supplied with an adapter kit (51405150), which includes adapters for 0.5" and 1"pipe.

Filter Material

Polyethylene tip is made from hydrophilic polyethylene and has 60 micron pores. Porous stone filter is made from fused aluminum oxide (Norton Alundum) and has 68 micron pores.

Filter Size

Filter is 1.5" diameter cylinder, 12 or 24 inches long.

The smallest reel has a handle and clips to hold the probe.

SI51417402 Polyethylene, 12" (305 mm)
SI51417404 Polyethylene, 24" (610 mm)
SI51405102 Porous Stone, 12" (305 mm)
SI51405104 Porous Stone, 24" (610 mm)