• Strain gauge for measuring surface

Strain gauge for measuring surface

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The VW spot-weldable strain gauge is used to monitor strain in steel. The gauge, which is pre-tensioned for easy installation, features a patented, low-profile design that reduces error caused by bending. A VW strain gauge sensor is fixed atop the gauge. Readings are obtained with a VW readout or data logger.

Sensor TypeVibrating wire
Range2500 microstrain
Resolution1 microstrain
Accuracy±0.1% FS
Length76 mm (3")
WelderSpot welder


SI52602100Gauge, set Mid-Range
SI52602101Gauge, set for Compressive Strain
SI52602102Gauge, set for Tensile Strain
SI52623000VW Strain Gauge Sensor
SI067001803M Mastic Pad
SI52623110Protective Cover, Stainless
SI50613324Signal Cable
SI50613524Signal Cable, Heavy Duty