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    Tangential and radial load cells

Tangential and radial load cells

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Total pressure acting on the sensitive surface of the cell is transmitted to the oil inside the cell and measured by a VW pressure transducer. A vibrating wire readout or data logger excites the transducer and stores a reading in Hz. Calibration factors are applied to the reading to arrive at a pressure in bar or psi.


Radial cells are placed at the interface between the excavated ground surface and the shotcrete lining. Tangential cells are attached to the reinforcing cage or to some other support so they will be embedded in the shotcrete lining. After the cells are tied into place, shotcreting takes place. After the shotcrete cures, tangential cells are pressurized by crimping the cell’s pressurization tube, which forces oil from the tube into the cell. The influx of oil causes the cell to inflate, forcing the sensitive side of the cell into contact with the surrounding shotcrete material.



Cells can be cast directly into lining segments at the casting yard.



Superior Construction
Cells are made from two oval stainless steel plates. The edges of the sensitive top plate are turned over the base plate and laser welded to form a sealed cavity, which is later filled with deaired oil. This construction minimizes tangential stiffness and prevents stiff weld joints and sharp edges.
Small Height to Width Ratio
The small height to width ratio of the cell provides superior performance, even in stiff media such as concrete.
VW Sensor
The VW pressure sensor eliminates hydraulic lines and provides consistent readings in harsh environments.
Manual or Automatic Readout
The VW transducer can be read manually with a vibrating wire readout or automatically with a data logger.



Tangential cell
Sensor TypeVibrating wire
Sensor Range200 bar. Lower pressure ranges are also available
Sensor Resolution0.025% FS
Sensor Accuracy±0.5% FS
Size222 x 101 x 3.5 mm (8.75 x 4 x 0.14 in.)
Pressurization Tube400mm (16 in.) long
Radial Cell
Sensor TypeVibrating wire
Sensor Resolution0.025% FS
Sensor Accuracy±0.5% FS
Size283 x 151 x 3.5mm (11 x 6 x 0.14 in.)



Tangential Cell
SI52608270Tangential Cell, 200 bar (3000 psi)
SI50613524Signal cable
Radial Cell
SI52608260Radial cell, 3.5 bar (50 psi)
SI52608262Radial cell, 7 bar (100 psi)
SI52608264Radial cell, 17 bar (250 psi)
SI52608266Radial cell, 35 bar (500 psi)
SI52608268Radial cell, 70 bar (1000 psi)
SI50613524Signal cable