• Core hardness Tester

Core hardness Tester

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A practical pocket-sized instrument for measuring the surface and sub-surface hardness of baked cores and dry sand molds.

Once control limits for a core have been established, this tester can be carried about to check the quality of the production cores. Hardness measurement will indicate errors in the degree of bake or cure and in most cases will reflect either the absence or excess of any of the ingredients in variations. The instrument can be used to detect blockage of the vents or blow holes, which affect surface density and hardness. A full range of cores, produced either by traditional or newer methods, can be tested.


Accessories for No. 674 Core Hardness Tester:
No. 674-TB is a block that is made of a consistent material that is used to help determine the calibration status of a No. 674 Core Hardness Tester



Height 3in. (76 mm)
Maximum diameter 2 1/8 in.(54 mm)
Net weight 5 oz. (425 g)
Base diameter 5/8 in. (41 mm)