• Filter pressure

Filter pressure

11.5 gallons

• This filter load 11.5 gallons pressure robustly designed, offers a practical method of drying slurry samples and process concentrates

• A filter cloth and filter paper are stretched between the frame and the base of the embossed grid; the slurry is poured into the room; the lid is secured by a crank, and an air pressure is applied until the liquid stops out of the drainage tube

• The root ball is then removed after lowering the base crank

• The surface in the base of the embossed grid slope ensures drainage unhindered

Room 12 "dia. X 24" high. Provided with a gauge, a flow valve, a set of interconnected pipes 1/4 ", air supply valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and filter cloth package of filter paper. The filter cloths are made ​​of lined in cotton diapers Filter paper has a high moisture capacity to 2 microns retention Weight.. 400 lbs. Dimensions: 24 "W. x 13 "long. x 64" high. Requires air reserves. Wholesale supply.


Cat. No. Description
SE070B-001 Made of steel. Neoprene gaskets
SE070B-002 Neoprene lining. Drain stainless acid resistant
SE070B-003 Made of stainless steel type 316 Seals neoprene
SE070B-005 Filter cloth, 14 "diameter
SE070B-007 Filter paper, 14 "diameter, 100 pack