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    Hammer sand

Hammer sand

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Built to AFS specifications, this unit is used to prepare specimens for many standard tests including green compression, splitting strength, and permeability. When equipped with optional accessories, it can also be used for Compactability and Flowability tests, and to prepare rammed tensile or transverse specimens. The sand rammer provides reproducible ramming energy and reduces variability associated with direct hand ramming.

  • No. 315-9 Specimen Tube,
  • No. 315-11 Cup Pedestal
  • No. 315-14 Stripping Post
  • No. 315-30 Specimen Tube Conditioner,
  • No. 315-C1 Compactability Scale


Accessories for 315
  • No. 315-14 Stripping Post
  • No. 315-17 Sand Rammer Base
  • No. 830 Flowability Indicator
  • No. 840 Rowell Flowability Tester
  • No. 850-A Density Indicator



Height25 in. (635 mm)
Base9x12 in. (229 x 305 mm)
Net weight60 lbs. (27 kg)