• Chloride Ion Test Kit

Chloride Ion Test Kit

for Water and Llquid

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The Elcometer 134W is used to monitor recycled water (after it has been applied) to establish effectiveness of salt removal, this test is ideal for testing the salt contamination in wash water and blast water.

If the chloride levels in the wash water are too high, this will promote premature corrosion, shortening the life of both steel and concrete structures.
This test can also be used when mixing concrete.
Measurement Range 10 - 2000µg/cm²    (10 - 2000ppm)
Scale Resolution 10µg/cm² (10ppm)
Sample Time 1.5 - 4 minutes (approx)
Tests per kit 5
Storage Conditions Not exceeding 25°C (77°F)
Weight 208g (7oz)
Dimensions 185 x 125 x 110mm (7 x 5 x 4.5”)
Packing List 5 x test kits each containing: sample container bottle with dropper in lid, titration tube, titration tube snapper and operating instructions