• Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge

Concrete Coating Thickness Gauge

ASTM D6132, SSPC PA9 & ISO 2808

  • Fast, accurate & repeatable readings
  • Robust, ergonomic design; inspect all day, every day
  • Field replaceable probe tips; maximise your productivity

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The Elcometer 500 coating thickness gauge accurately measures the thickness of coatings on concrete and other similar substrates* - non destructively.

Accurately measure up to 10mm (390mils) of coatings on concrete or other similar substrates* Measure more than 60 readings per minute in standard mode and over 140 readings per minute in scan mode
Easy to read, user definable display with automatic screen brightness
Store up to 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 alpha-numeric batches Rugged, dust & waterproof design equivalent to IP54, ideal for almost all environments
Rugged, intelligent probes with
field replaceable tips, measure up to 10mm (390mils)
C1 150 - 2,500μm (6 - 98mils)
C2 750 - 10,000μm (30 - 390mils)
USB & Bluetooth® data output to PC and Android™ or iOS mobile devices
Ergonomic design, ideal for continuous use



  • Fast

Measuring over 60 readings per minute in standard mode and over 140 readings per minute in scan mode, the Elcometer 500 coating thickness gauge can signicantly reduce your inspection times.

  • Reliable

The Elcometer 500 will only display the coating thickness reading if the signal strength indicator turns green, preventing false or incorrect readings. If the coating thickness is outside the measurement range, the Elcometer 500

tells you on the display.

  • Intelligent

The Elcometer 500 measurement probes are supplied with user replaceable probe tips. If the tip is damaged or wears during use you can replace it and carry on. The gauge even informs you when you need to change the probe tip, maximising inspection time.

  • Easy to Use

There is no need to set up gates, range values or know the thickness of the coating, simply select the coating material from the gauge library and start measuring.

  • Ergonomic

The Elcometer 500 gauge and intelligent probes have all been ergonomically designed for continuous use. No force is required to take a reading.

  • Rugged

Robust, ergonomic and sealed against dirt and water, equivalent to a rating of IP54, the Elcometer 500 has been designed to work in harsh environments, making it the ideal gauge for the laboratory or the job site. Coating Thickness Gauge Elcometer 500

  • Powerful

The Elcometer 500 wirelessly transmits readings, statistics and batches via Bluetooth® or via USB straight into your inspection application or into Elcometer ’s Mobile App ElcoMaster®, for instant report generation either at your desk or in the field, uaing your mobile.

Large easy to read display and signal strength indicator

Ergonomic probes with replaceable probe tips

Easy to use and minimum set up required

Rugged and relaible, ideal for harsh environments



■ Standard □ Optional
  Model B  Model T
Fast, accurate reading rate; 60+ readings per minute ■
Repeatable & reproducible measurements ■
Easy to use menu structure; in 30+ languages ■
Tough, impact, waterproof & dust resistant; equivalent to IP54 ■
Bright colour screen;  with automatic rotating display (0°, 90°, 180° & 270°) ■
Scratch & solvent resistant display; 2.4" (6cm) TFT ■
USB power supply; via PC ■
Test certificate & 2 year gauge warranty* ■
Ambient light sensor; with adjustable auto brightness ■
Automatic probe recognition ■
Gauge software updates¹; via ElcoMaster® software ■
Data output
   USB; to computer
   Bluetooth®; to computer, Android™ & iOSǂ devices
Measurement units; μm, mm, mils, inch
Signal strength indicator
User selectable reading resolution; Low & High reading resolution
Display modes; user selectable  
   Readings & differential; reading and the offset from a set nominal difference
   Bar graph
   Live reading trend graph; in batch mode
   Run chart; trend graph of last 20 readings
User selectable statistics;
   Number of readings; η, Mean (average); x, Standard deviation; σ,
   Highest reading; Hi, Lowest reading; Lo, Coefficient of variation; CV%
   Normal dry film thickness; NDFT, High & low limits; definable audible & visual alarms,
   Number of readings above high limit; Number of readings below low limit; Range; I
Multiple calibration methods with on-screen instructions;  in 30+ languages
   Material selection; preset choice of materials or create own user defined materials
   Velocity entry; direct entry of a material’s sound-velocity
   1 Point; using a coating sample of known thickness
Calibration lock; with optional PIN code unlock
Gauge memory; number of readings100
Number of batches; with unique batch calibrations1,000 
Alpha-numeric batch names; user definable on the gauge
Fixed batch size mode; with batch linking
Batch review graph
Delete last reading
Limits; 40 user definable audible & visual pass/fail warnings
Live reading mode; transfer of individual readings to external device                                                            USB USB & Bluetooth® 
Reading save function
Date and time stamp
Scan mode
ElcoMaster® software & USB cable
Protective case
Plastic transit case 

* The Elcometer 500 is supplied with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Gauge warranty can be extended to two years via www.elcometer.com. ǂ Visit www.elcometer.com/sdk to find out how to integrate Elcometer’s MFi certified products to your App.

1 Internet connection required


1. Coating Material Library
The Elcometer 500’s advanced measurement technology means that you no longer need to know how thick the coating should be or to set up measurement gates before taking a reading. Simply switch on the gauge, select the coating from the calibration library and take a reading - it is that easy.

2. Material Thickness Calibration
To obtain the greatest measurement accuracy, the Elcometer 500 can be calibrated using the known thickness of the coating to be measured. If a sample of known thickness is not available, the Elcometer 500 Coating Calibration Mould (CCM) can be used to create a coating of known thickness which is traceable to both National and International Standards.     

3. Sound Velocity Calibration
The Elcometer 500 can be calibrated by entering the speed of sound from the Product Datasheet available from the coating manufacturer.




Scale C1 T500-C1     Elcometer 500 Scale C1 Probe Certificate
Intelligent Ergonomic C1 probe with replacement tip

Range1: 150 - 2,500μm (6 - 98mils)   Accuracy2: ±2% or ±10μm (±2% or ±0.4mil)


Resolution: Low: 10μm, 0.01mm, 1mil or 0.001”   High: 1μm, 0.001mm, 0.1mil or 0.0001”

Scale C2

T500-C2      Elcometer 500 Scale C2 Probe

Intelligent Ergonomic C1 probe with replacement tip Range1: 750 - 10,000μm (30 - 390mils) Accuracy2: ±2% or ±10μm (±2% or ±0.4mil)

Resolution: Low: 10μm, 0.01mm, 1mil or 0.001”   High: 1μm, 0.001mm, 0.1mil or 0.0001”



Part NumberDescription Certificate  
A500C-BElcometer 500 Coating Thickness Gauge Model B  ●
A500C-TElcometer 500 Coating Thickness Gauge Model T  ●
A500-KIT1Elcometer 500 Coatinngs on Concrete Inspection Kit  ●

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F) 
Power Supply

2 x AA batteries (rechargable batteries can be used)


Battery LifeAlkaline: Approximately 15 hours Lithium: Approximately 28 hours 
Gauge weight161g (5.68oz) including batteries, without transducer 
Gauge Dimensions141 x 73 x 37mm (5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46”) without transducer 
Packing List

Elcometer 500 Coating Thickness Gauge Model B & T

Elcometer 500 Coating Thickness Gauge, 4ml (0.14fl oz) Bottle of Probe Tip Oil, 120ml (4fl oz) Bottle of Ultrasonic Couplant, 2 x AA Batteries, Protective Case, Transit Case (Model T), Wrist Harness, 3 x Screen Protector, ElcoMaster® Software (Model T), USB Cable (Model T), Test Certificate


Elcometer 500 Coatings on Concrete Inspection Kit

Elcometer 500 Model T Coating Thickness Gauge, C1 & C2 coating thickness probes, C1 & C2 probe measurement foils: 1, 2, 3 & 8mm (40, 80, 120 & 310mils), Elcometer 456 Model B Ferrous Integral Gauge, Elcometer 456 calibration foils: 0.5 & 1.5mm (20 & 60mils), 2 x coating calibration moulds, 120ml (4fl oz) bottle of ultrasonic couplant, 4ml (0.14fl oz) bottle of probe tip oil, transit case, ElcoMaster® software & USB cable