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Picnometer and specific gravity Cups

ASTM D 1475, DIN 53217, FTMS 141a M4183, FTMS M4184 / 1, ISO 2811, NFT 30020, NBN T 22-110

  • Determining the specific weight of paints and similar products

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Instrument stainless steel or anodized aluminum for determining the specific weight of paints and similar products.

This instrument consists of a cylindrical container and a lid with a hole to allow excess liquid to escape. These can be supplied with or without blemish to perform weighing on a balance.

The density of a coating should remain constant from one batch to another. Also known as Density Cups name or specific gravity Cups, pyknometers are used to determine the density per unit volume of a liquid at a given temperature.

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Part NumberDescriptionVolume/CapacityCertificate
K0001800M001Elcometer 1800/1 Density Cup stainless steel50cc 
K0001800M002Elcometer 1800/2 Density Cup stainless steel with calibration certificate50cc
K0001800M005Elcometer 1800/5 Density Cup stainless steel100cc 
K0001800M006Elcometer 1800/6 Density Cup stainless steel with calibration certificate100cc