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    PCR Workstations / biosafety cabinets

PCR Workstations / biosafety cabinets

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The CaptiarBio PCR workstation features a HEPA H14 filter, stainless steel work surface, and a UV light with a timer that provides the proper sterilization to protect your samples from contamination. Raising the sash automatically shuts off the UV lamp when the front shield is opened.

Add a carbon filter with the HEPA filter to guarantee that ultra clean air will flow into the enclosure.

  • ISO 5 air quality in the enclosure
  • The unique fan design delivers an even air flow to eliminate turbulence.
  • UV light with reflective panels provide decontamination and easy visibility within the enclosure.
  • Digital control panel for continuous monitoring of the ventilation flow rate and audible alarm.
  • UV timer from 1 to 30 minutes.
  • Rear panel ports to accomodate electrical lines.
  • Enclosure is made with synthetic glass (10mm thick) designed to protect the user from harmful UV rays.


  • Sample preparations before thermal cycling
  • Post PCR DNA sequencing revelation / separation
  • Invitro fertilization
  • Cellular cultures
  • Vegetal biologypreparation of sterile solutions



4 new models 

  • New enclosure design - from 80 cm to 1,8 m
  • Stainless steel worktop with a built in spill tray
  • Rolling or fixed bench available
  • No ductwork needed
  • Easy to reloate

Powerful UV decontamination

  • Prevents your samples from cross contamination risks  
  • 254 nm UV lamp power
  • Adjustable timer 
  • Automatic UV lamp cut off switch in case of an unexpected front door opening during enclosure decontamination 

Modular filtration column / Air quality into the enclosure

  • HEPA H 14 filter : 99,995% filtration efficiency  for particles larger than 0.1 microns (according to the EN1822-1 standard, MPPS method).
  • Vertical laminar air flow entering into the enclosure avoiding any external contamination
  • Optional carbon filter can be added to protect handlings from VOCs present into the laboratory air

Very low energy consumption

  • Maximal consumption of 150 W


ModelCaptairBio 320 CaptairBio 321CaptairBio 391

Energy Consumption

Dimensions in mm & Inch
(W x D x H)
Ext: 825 x 630 x 647 
Int: 765 x 550 x 525

Ext: 32’’ 1/4x24’’ 3/4x25’’ 1/2
Int: 30’’ 1/8x21’’ 5/8x20’’ 11/16
Ext: 820 x 630 x 885
Int: 765 x 550 x 525

Ext: 32’’ 1/4x24’’ 3/4x34’’ 7/8 mini
38’’ maxi

Int: 30’’ 1/8x21’’ 5/x20’’ 11/16
Ext: 1030 x 630 x 945
Int: 765 x 550 x 525

Ext: 40’’ 9/16x24’’ 3/4x37’’ 1/4 mini
40’’ 3/8 maxi

Int: 38’’ 3/16x21’’ 7/8x23’’ 7/16


Features on an Erlab CaptairBio PCR Workstation

Control panel (sauf 320): 
Flow monitor: This device monitors the air flow and warns the user through a visual and audible alarm in case of fan failure.
UV cut-off: Automatic shut off of the UV lamp when the front shield is opened
U.V. Timer: UV timer set up : from 1 to 30 minutes

Bactericidal UV Lamps
15W - Wavelength : 254 nm

Internal lighting 
Compact tubular fluorescent lighting - 18 Watts - 500 Lux - IP 67

Energy ports
Located on the enclosure side panels, they allow the passage of power cables/ fluid pipes in the enclosure without discomfort for the user.  
Équipements complémentaires

Tempered glass Work surface
With rounded edges for arm rest and a comfortable working position

Work surface in stainless steel 304 L
High chemical and mechanical resistance. Rounded corners to facilitate cleaning operations. Built in spill tray.

Molecular filter (except Bio 321 S) 
Carbon filter for the asdorption of ambiant air VOCs (AS-BE+- F-K types, see our current pricelist)

Rolling cart made of anti-corrosion metallic alloy

Fixed work bench made of anti-corrosion metallic alloy

Metallic adjustable sliding shelf for Mobicap™ and Benchcap™