• Panel Mount Tachometer

Panel Mount Tachometer

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Measure RPMs from 5-99,990 with microprocessor quartz crystal accuracy of 0.05% + 1 digit.

Resolution from 0.1 RPM (5-1000 RPM) to 1 RPM (1000-9999 RPM) to 10 RPM (10,000-99,990 RPM). Large 4 digit LED display updates ounce per second (RPM greater than 60).

Unique design permits RPM measurements of a one hole gear or disk. Single pulse activation made possible in Microprocessor and eliminates need for special gears. A pulse is measured when a ferrous object (stud) passes by sensor. Microprocessor computes and displays pulses as RPM. Instrument is housed in standard 1/8 DIN case. Powered by 115/230 VAC 50/60Hz. Dimensions : 3.8" x 1.8" x 2.3" (96 x 48 x 60mm). Panel cutout : 3.62" x 1.77" (92 x 45mm)

Choice of two sensor pickup types: Proximity sensor designed for target distance of 0.1" (3mm), covers range to 36,000 RPM (600Hz); Photoelectric sensor with target distance of 0.4" (10mm) and range to 60,000 RPM (1KHz). Both sensors include 6 ft (1.8m) cable. Sensors generate a pulse when a ferrous object moves past which is counted by the instrument as a revolution and computed as RPMs. Sensor is encapsulated and sealed against dust and moisture.

EX461950-0 Panel Mount Tachometer
EX461955-0 Proximity Sensor, max. 36,000 RPM
EX461957-0 Photoelectric Sensor, max. 60,000 RPM