• Metal detector Ferro-Magnetic

Metal detector Ferro-Magnetic

  • Simple, one Knob operation
  • Automatic battery check
  • Built-in speaker or headphone output

The Fisher FX-3 Ferro Probe senses fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field caused by buried survey markers, pipes, well, casings, valves, iron relics, septic tanks and other ferromagnetic (iron on steel) objects.

Because it's a differential-induction magnetometer, the FX-3 locates buried iron objects far beyond the reach of ordinary (search-coil-type) metal detectors. Like other Fisher detectors, The FX-3 is easy to operate, just turn it on and go. It weighs just 2 1/2 lbs. (1.14 kg) and features motion detection (the tube probe must be moving to detect a target).

When the FX-3's two sensors come across a large ferrous objects, the FX-3 signal tone increase in pitch and volume. When the FX-3 probe is directly over the target, the signal becomes silent and picks u again when moved pass the target.

The FX-3 is extremly sensitive to iron with a large surface area, highly magnetized objects and long objects buried vertically. Large or small, if its ferrous, the FX-3 is designed to find it. In addition to its industrial uses, the FX-3 can be used by archeologists and treasure hunters to find iron relics and other buried ferrous artifacts.


  • Simple, one Knob operation
  • Automatic battery check
  • Built-in speaker or headphone output
  • Waterproof probe up to control box
  • Rugged, lightweight, balanced design
  • Detects only Ferromagnetic (Iron and Steel) objects.
  • Powered a single 9-volt battery
  • Recessed control panel
  • Low cost and low maintenance
Battery one 9-volt tansitor (NEDA 1604)
Battery Life
Carbon Zinc 25 hours
Alkaline 35 hours
Operating Environment
Carbon Zinc 40°F to 122°F (4° C to 50° C)
Alkaline 0°F to 122°F (-18°C to 50° C)
Waterproof Length 36 inches (91 cm)
Output Indication Audio, 2 1/4-inch. dia. speaker or headphones
Wight 2 1/2 lbs (1.14 kg)
Length 42 1/4 inches (95 cm)
Shipping Weight 9 lbs (4 kg) incluing hard-shell carrying case
Shipping Dimensions 5 x 6 x 45 1/2 inches