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    Forney Air Meter Set

Forney Air Meter Set

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Air Meters keep your concrete pouring

The FORNEY Press-Aire Meter™ (Air Meter) measures entrained air in fresh mix concrete by observing the volume change resulting from the application of pressure. The Press-Aire Meter™ is the classic Type B, now virtually the only one used -- although FORNEY sells all types.

The new-style case stores the top and bottom portions of the air meter separately. It has integral handles for easy handling.The blaze-orange color helps you locate the meter quickly 

from a distance.

The Press-Aire Meter™ Kit contains everything needed for determining entrained air content and for calibrating the unit: syringe, tamping rod, strike-off bar, calibration vessel, inside and outside tubes, and, of course, instructions and sturdy orange carrying case. Weight: 32 lb (14.5 kg).


  • Rigid plastic box
  • Rubber pipette
  • Pounding rod
  • Shaving rule
  • Calibration cylinder