• SCC Segregation Test Set

SCC Segregation Test Set

ASTM C1610, C1610M-06, EN 933-8.

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The FORNEY Segregation Test Set includes everything needed to determine the potential segregation of coarse aggregate in SCC mixtures tested in a static condition.

The unit consists of three PVC plastic pipe sections, clamps and collector plate.

Concrete is poured into the column and allowed to set for 15 minutes. The collector plate is then held at the level of the upper horizontal seam and the top portion is slid onto the collector plate. The material in the plate is then washed and the remaining aggregates are weighed. This process is repeated for the other sections. The weights of the aggregates in the top, middle and bottom thirds are compared. Weights which are significantly different indicate that there is substantial segregation in the concrete.

Digital scale, straightedge and screen tray may be purchased separately. Dimensions are 12 in x 12 in x 26 in LWH (305 x 305 x 660) mm.

Kit Contains:

  • LA-4262 Segregation Tester Assembly
  • LA-4262-02 Collector Plate

Meets ASTM C1610, C1610M-06, EN 933-8.