• SCC Spread Test Set

SCC Spread Test Set

ASTM C1611, C1611M-05, EN 12350-2.

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The SCC Spread Test Set includes everything you need to determine the flowability of SCC mixtures according to the new ASTM C 1611 specification.

The slump cone is placed in the center of the base and a sample of concrete is poured into the slump cone without rodding or other consolidation. The cone is then raised, allowing the concrete to spread. A measurement is taken of the widest diameter and of the narrowest diameter, and an average of the two is calculated. A visual inspection is made of the distribution of aggregate in the sample.

The set includes a slump cone, straightedge and a rigid plastic base plate on which to perform the test. The base plate is 36 in x 36 in x 0.375 in LWH (914 x 914 x 9.5mm).

Meets ASTM C1611, C1611M-05, EN 12350-2.