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    treating the concrete with a lithium-bearing solutionunderstanding of where, how and why ASR occurs

Asr-detect™ determines presence of alkilai-silica reactive gel in hardened concrete

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ASR Detect™ is both a practical and a scientific tool. Its principal application is analyzing existing concrete structures.

By identifying ASR deterioration in its earliest stages, ASR Detect™ facilitates the problem being identified when remediation techniques can be applied; for example, treating the concrete with a lithium-bearing solution to inhibit further deterioration. Where deterioration is advanced, ASR Detect ™ provides a clear picture of the extent and depth of the damage.

As a scientific tool, ASR Detect™ can be applied to improve the understanding of where, how and why ASR occurs. That understanding is basic to developing ASR preventatives that allow high-alkali cement or poor-quality aggregates to be used in concrete mixes without risking the development of ASR. 

  • The test can be carried out completely on-site.
  • Minimal operator training and no special equipment required.
  • Utilizes only two environmentally safe dyes.
  • Identifies ASR in concrete and differentiates ASR from other causes of degradation.
  • Results obtained in less than five minutes are easy to interpret.
  • Economic, fast and easy to use.

Field Test to identify Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) in concrete. Two reagents are applied to the broken surface of a concrete core and the excess rinsed off. On contaminated concrete, the resultant stains reveal the presence of ASR. The stains also reveal the extent of the ASR in the concrete and indicate the stage of ASR progression. Yellow indicates that degradation has begun; pink warns that degradation is advancing.