Blue Spirit Thermometers

Blue Spirit Thermometers

Non-Mercury - ASTM LIKE

  • Non-mercury
  • Accuracy tolerance
  • Designed for specific testing 

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These instruments are made from annealed glass and have been extensively aged for minimal scale error and stability.

These thermometers were designed for specific testing and can be calibrated to your specific requirements.

Many are available in non-mercury configurations and meet ASTM standards for accuracy tolerance and uncertainties and can be used as a primary standard.

 HU2604.01C S1C Partial Immersion20°C @ 150°C1.0°C 76mm  327mm
 HU2604.09C S9C  Low Pensky-Martens-5°C @ 110°C 0.5°C57mm 295mm
 HU2604.13CS13C Loss On Heat155°C @ 170°C 0.5°CTOTAL 169mm
 HU2604.14C S14C Wax Melting Point38°C @ 82°C0.1°C79mm  380mm
 HU2604.15CS15C Low Softening Point -2°C @ 80°C0.2°CTOTAL  400mm
 HU2604.16C S16C High Softening Point 30°C @ 200°C1.0°CTOTAL 400mm
 HU2604.17CS17C  Saybolt Viscosity 19°C to 27°C 0.1°CTOTAL 280mm
 HU2604.19CS19C Saybolt Viscosity49°C to 57°C0.1°CTOTAL 280mm
 HU2604.20CS20C Saybolt Viscosity57°C to 65°C0.1°CTOTAL 280mm
 HU2604.21CS21C Saybolt Viscosity79°C to 87°C0.1°CTOTAL 280mm
 HU2604.22CS22C Saybolt Viscosity 98°C to 103°C 0.1°C TOTAL  280mm 
 HU2604.23C S23C  Engler Viscosity18°C to 28°C 0.2°C 90mm 
 HU2604.24C S24C  Engler Viscosity39°C to 54°C 0.2°C 90mm 237mm 
 HU2604.25CS25C  Engler Viscosity95°C to 105°C 0.2°C 90mm 212mm 
 HU2604.26C S26C  Stability / Nitrocellulose130°C to 140°C 0.1°C TOTAL 463mm 
 HU2604.27CS27C   Turpintine Distillation147°C to 182°C 0.5°C  76mm 301mm 
 HU2604.28CS28C  Kinematic Viscosity36.6°C to 39.4°C 0.05°C TOTAL 305mm 
 HU2604.29C S29C  Kinematic Viscosity52.6°C to 55.4°C 0.05°C TOTAL 305mm 
 HU2604.33CS33C  Low Aniline Point-38°C to 42°C 0.2°C 50mm 425mm 
 HU2604.34C S34C  Medium Aniline Point25°C to 105°C 0.2°C 50mm 425mm 
 HU2604.35C S35C  Aniline Point90°C to 170°C 0.2°C 50mm 419mm 
 HU2604.36CS36C  Titer Test-2°C to 68°C 0.2°C 45mm 410mm 
 HU2604.37C S37C  Solvents Distillation-2°C @ 52°C 0.2°C 100mm 400mm 
 HU2604.38CS38C  Solvents Distillation24°C @ 78°C 0.2°C 100mm 400mm 
 HU2604.39CS39C  Solvents Distillation48°C @ 102°C 0.2°C 100mm 400mm 
 HU2604.40C S40C  Solvents Distillation72°C @ 126°C 0.2°C 100mm 400mm 
 HU2604.41C S41C  Solvents Distillation98°C to 152°C 0.2°C 100mm 395mm 
 HU2604.42C S42C  Solvents Distillation95°C to 255°C 0.5°C 100mm 395mm 
 HU2604.44C S44C  Kinematic Viscosity18.6°C to 21.4°C 0.05°C TOTAL 420mm 
 HU2604.45C S45C  Kinematic Viscosity23.6°C to 26.4°C0.05°CTOTAL305mm
 HU2604.46C S46C  Kinematic Viscosity48.6°C to 51.4°C0.05°CTOTAL305mm 
 HU2604.47CS47C  Kinematic Viscosity58.6°C to 61.4°C 0.05°CTOTAL305mm
 HU2604.48C S48C  Kinematic Viscosity80.6°C to 83.4°C0.05°CTOTAL 305mm 
 HU2604.49C S49C  Stormer Viscosity 20°C to 70°C 0.2°C 65mm 310mm 
 HU2604.52C S52C  Butadiene Boiling Point -10°C to 5°C0.1°CTOTAL167mm 
 HU2604.54C S54C  Congealing Point 20°C to 100.6°C0.2°CTOTAL315mm
 HU2604.57C S57C  Tag Closed Tester Low Range-20°C to 50°C0.5°C 57mm292mm 
 HU2604.61C S61C  Petrolatum Melting Point32°C to 127°C 0.2°C79mm385mm 
 HU2604.71C S71C  Oil In Wax-37°C to 21°C0.5°C76mm 355mm 
 HU2604.72C S72C  Kinematic Viscosity-19.4°C to -16.6°C 0.05°C TOTAL 305mm 
 HU2604.73C S73C  Kinematic Viscosity-41.4°C to 38.6 0.05°C TOTAL 305mm 
 HU2604.82C S82C  Fuel Rating, Engine-15°C to 105°C 1.0°C 30mm 165mm 
 HU2604.83C S83C  Fuel Rating, Air15°C to 70°C 1.0°C 40mm 174mm 
 HU2604.84C S84C  Fuel Rating, Orifice Tank 25°C to 80°C 1.0°C 249mm 387mm 
 HU2604.85C S85C  Fuel Rating, Surge40°C to 150°C 1.0°C 181mm 314mm 
 HU2604.86C S86C  Fuel Rating, Mix95°C to 175°C 1.0°C 35mm 170mm 
 HU2604.88C S88C  Vegetable Oil Flash 10°C to 200°C 1.0°C 57mm 292mm 
 HU2604.89C S89C  Solidification Point -20°C to 10°C 0.1°C 76mm 375mm 
 HU2604.90C S90C  Solidification Point 0°C to 30°C 0.1°C 76mm 375mm 
 HU2604.92C S92C  Solidification Point 40°C to 70°C 0.1°C 76mm 370mm 
 HU2604.93C S93C  Solidification Point 60°C to 90°C 0.1°C 76mm 370mm 
 HU2604.94C S94C  Solidification Point 80°C to 110°C 0.1°C 76mm 370mm 
 HU2604.95CS95C  Solidification Point 100°C to 130°C 0.1°C 76mm 370mm 
 HU2604.96C S96C  Solidification Point 120°C to 150°C 0.1°C 76mm 370mm 
 HU2604.97C S97C  Tank-18°C to 49°C 0.5°CTOTAL 305mm 
 HU2604.98C S98C  Tank16°C to 82°C 0.5°CTOTAL 305mm 
 HU2604.99C S99C  Weathering Test-50°C to 5°C 0.2°C 35mm 305mm 
 HU2604102C S102C  Solvent Distillation 123°C to 177°C 0.2°C 100mm 395mm 
 HU2604103CS103C  Solvent Distillation 148°C to 202°C0.2°C100mm395mm
 HU2604110CS110C  Kinematic Viscosity 133.6°C to 136.4°C0.05°CTOTAL305mm
 HU2604112CS112C  Benzene Freezing Point 4°C to 6°C0.02°CTOTAL215mm
 HU2604113CS113C  Bitumen Soft Point W/Range -1°C to 175°C0.5°CTOTAL410mm
 HU2604118CS118C  Kinematic Viscosity 28.6°C to 31.4°C0.05°C TOTAL310mm
 HU2604119CS119C  Coolant Freezing Point -38.3°C to -30.0°C0.05°C 100mm425mm
 HU2604120CS120C  Kinematic Viscosity38.6°C to 41.4°C 0.05°C TOTAL310mm
 HU2604121CS121C  Kinematic Viscosity98.6°C to 101.4°C0.05°C TOTAL310mm
 HU2604122CS122C  Brook Field Viscosity-45°C to -35°C0.1°CTOTAL305mm
 HU2604123CS123C  Brook Field Viscosity-35°C to -25°C0.1°CTOTAL305mm
 HU2604124CS124C  Brook Field Viscosity-25°C to -15°C0.1°CTOTAL305mm
 HU2604125C S125C  Brook Field Viscosity-15°C to -5°C0.1°CTOTAL305mm
 HU2604126CS126C  Kinematic Viscosity-27.4°C to -24.6°C0.05°CTOTAL310mm
 HU2604127CS127C  Kinematic Viscosity-21.4°C to -18.6°C 0.05°CTOTAL310mm
 HU2604128CS128C  Kinematic Viscosity-1.4°C to 1.4°C0.05°CTOTAL310mm
 HU2604132CS132C  Kinematic Viscosity148.6°C to 151.4°C0.05°CTOTAL310mm
 HU2604133C S133C  Precision-38°C to 2°C0.1°C 76mm 384mm
 HU2604135CS135C  Fuel Rating Air High39°C to 93°C1.0°C40mm168mm
 HU2604136C S136C  Aviation Fuel Density-20°C to 60°C0.2°CTOTAL 285mm
 HU2604137CS137C  Oxidation Cell Test80°C to 100°C 0.1°C76mm 250mm