Concrete Beam Tester

Concrete Beam Tester

  • Lightweight aluminum
  • ASTM C293
  • Three load cell readings

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Self-contained, portable concrete beam tester accurately and easily determines flexural strengths of 6" x 6" cross-section test beams.

Hydraulically driven unit uses center-point loading method with continuous readings to the break and retains maximum reading to eliminate lost data. Gauge resets to zero for repeat tests. The lightweight aluminum unit has dual registration of modulus of rupture between 10,000 lbf. and 0–4,500 kgf. The unit is calibrated by measuring the load applied on a calibrated load cell. The factory calibration is supplied at gauge readings of 10% FS, FS and 3 readings in between. Three load cell readings are averaged at each point to establish the correction for each point.

The unit is not in full compliance with ASTM C293 since it uses a hand pump, but numerous government agencies including Illinois DOT have found its results acceptable for their purposes.

Cat. No. Description
H-3030AConcrete Beam Tester - 16" distance, single point, manual pump
H-3032AConcrete Beam Tester - 18" distance, single point, manual pump
H-3033AConcrete Beam Tester - 18" distance, three point, manual pump