• Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer

12 cu.ft. Variable Speed

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Mix perfect mortar, stucco, grout and of course concrete!

Innovation & Safety

The autostop dump wheel is made possible by a special bearing and seal system available from the aviation industry. When you stop rotating the dump wheel it locks in place automatically!

Towing Safety

Full width fenders and torsion bar suspension provide a smooth cruise to and from the jobsite.


Direct drive gearbox to the drum, no more external drive gears! This drive system is whisper quiet and is sealed for life...no maintenance required!

Common Sense

The frame mounted spare tire is an industry first! Pick up a nail leaving a jobsite, no problem, swap tires in ten minutes or less.


The jig welded box steel frame is very strong and rigid, and includes a built in work platform. Tilt the mixer back, drop the support legs and you have a mini batch plant.

Variable speed

On/Off button potentiometer

Drum capacity 12 cu. ft.
Batch output 9.5 cu. ft. (very good)
Electric motor rating 1.5 h.p. 110/220v
Gas engine 5.5 h.p. Honda
Diesel engine 5 h.p. Yanmar
Drum diameter 32.5"
Discharge outlet height 26.5"
Pneumatic wheels 20"
Weight 650 lbs.
Operating Dimensions (palletized)
Length 76.5" (80")
Height 56"(72")
Width 37.5" (50")