Deflectometer | Light Weight Deflectometer

Deflectometer | Light Weight Deflectometer

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ZFG 3000 GPS can be used to quickly and simply determine the load-bearing capacity and quality of soil compaction. Each measurement can immediately be allocated to the relevant position thanks to GPS.

All data can be displayed both on-site and on the PC without problems. The ZFG 3000 GPS is suitable both for self-supervision and for documentation of measured values.



The dynamic plate load test

A specific weight falls from a specified height and creates a defined impact force that affects a loading plate. The loading plate is subject to settlement due to the impact force. The acceleration, speed and settlement displacement are electronically evaluated and the dynamic deflection module (Evd) is calculated.

The easy-to-operate ZFG 3000 GPS enables the user to enjoy short test times (approx. 2 minutes),precise measurements, on-site printouts complete with all information and simple data transmission to the PC. The measured result is available after only 4 stages.



Each measurement is saved on the SD card, can be printed out or transmitted to the PC using the software supplied.

The following is displayed:

  • ASTM E2835
  • Three settlements with settlement curves and mean value
  • Three settlement speeds with a mean value
  • The position coordinates, geographical latitude, and longitude
  • The s/v value as information on compatibility
  • The Evd value as deflection modulus or load-bearing capacity value


Test Specifications

Regulations and Contract conditions of Dynamic Load Plat Test.

  • ASTM E2835
  • TP BF-StB Teil B 8.3
  • ZTVE-StB 09
  • NGT 39 
  • RIL 836 Deutsche Bahn AG 
  • RVS 08.03.04 März 2008 (Austrian test specication) 
  • RVS 08.03.04 März 2008 (Spanish test specification)


  • Low time requirements for testing (around 2 minutes for each measuring point)
  • No loading vehicle necessary
  • Testing on sites with difficult accessibility possible
  • Immediate evaluation of measurement possible on site
  • Low self-weight, easy to transport by one person
  • User-friendly menu navigation and software
  • Calibrated on in-house calibration stand certified by BAST
  • Over 5000 units in use worldwide
  • Ergonomic design
  • Triangular catch handle prevents uncontrolled rolling of loading device during transport