Enamel Rater

Enamel Rater

  • LCD touch-screen control, compact & easy to use
  • Improved electronic design, more sensitive measuring, reliable and accurate, resolution 0.01mA
  • Upgraded fixtures with corrosion resistance and longer service life

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Enamel Rater for Ends is used to test the integrity of the inner coating.

ER-4 instrument tests the coverage, the compactness and the electric current value of the enamel coating inside food and beverage cans, aerosol-cans and also different kinds of ends.

  •  Stainless Steel casing, better sealing and water-proof, durable
  •  The "reverse voltage" function makes to invert the polarity of the voltage, causing the metal to be exposed in a bubble, easier to observe the defect location.

Measure Range0 - 500mA
DimensionL300 x W200 X H60mm