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    Fire Assay Flux

Fire Assay Flux

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Western Refractories Fluxes offer the following benefits:
  • Every tonne assayed prior to release
  • Reliability, no lumps, consistent button / prill sizes
  • Low gold specification
  • Fast, reliable service
  • Produced to your recipe
  • Choice of SAFE packaging. (Standard in 15 kg plastic bags.)
  • Low dust product


NEW Worksafe approved flux dispenser. These machines offer
the following advantages:
  • Eliminates spillage
  • Minimises operator exposure to lead
  • Controls usage to +/- 10 gm
  • More accurate assay results
  • Fewer repeats


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Choice of Packaging:
Drums, Crates, Bags & Barrels

Western Refractories Automated Flux Dispenser system: Improve your accuracy, speed, safety and expenses with one of these
units today.

Standard 15kg Bags