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    PLATE BEARING TESTER 100kN – 200kN- 500kN

PLATE BEARING TESTER 100kN – 200kN - 500kN

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The Plate Bearing Tester is a field test used for determining the bearing capacity of soil under varying loading conditions. It can also be used to evaluate designs of airport and highway pavements.

This Plate Bearing Tester consists of a hydraulic jack complete with hand pump and rubber; fast-connect hose, large pressure dial gauge; seat plate; (3) precision dial gauges (2.5" dia.-1" x 0.0004 (25 x 0.01mm); 13' (3.9m) complete mounting hardware for gauges, Plate Set (HD-4605) and case for gauges, pump and jack. The Plate Bearing Tester is available in three (3) capacities: 100kN, 200kN and 500kN.


  • Long piston travel to accommodate setup of reaction loading system
  • Double-delivery hand pump for fast approach in setup with reaction loading system
  • High-precision dial gauges
  • Heavy-duty, rigid measuring bridge

Part Number And Name

  • HD-4600
    Plate Bearing Tester – 100kN
  • HD-4601
    Plate Bearing Tester – 200kN
  • HD-4602
    Plate Bearing Tester – 500kN


  • HD-4605
    Plate Bearing Plate Set