Porous Stones

Porous Stones

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Used for permeability and triaxial testing to allow even distribution of water through sample.

Two stones required per cell, each 1/4" thick (6mm).



Cat No                                      DESCRIPTION

HM4184.35                               Porous Stones 35mm

HM4184.38                               Porous Stones 38mm

HM4184.50                               Porous Stones 50mm

HM4184.70                               Porous Stones 70mm

HM4184.100                             Porous Stones 100mm

HM4184.150                             Porous Stones 150mm


HM4184.14                               Porous Stones 1.4"

HM4184.15                               Porous Stones 1.5"

HM4184.20                               Porous Stones 2.0"

HM4184.28                               Porous Stones 2.8"

HM4184.40                               Porous Stones 4.0"

HM4184.60                               Porous Stones 6.0"