Pressure filter 3.0gal 8"dia.

Pressure filter 3.0gal 8"dia.

3 gal.

  • Geneq - SE070B-010 - SE070B-020

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Filter inexpensive pressure load with 3 gallons (8 "dia. X 14" h.) capacity

  • The cover and the connecting pivot assembly 30 rearwardly and is self
  • Thus, the cylinder can be removed between the loads
  • The steel base has a mechanized drainage pattern embossed grid
  • The base has a drain for mounting on test stands or drain on the side for mounting to the floor
  • The lid closes tightly with a rubber gasket while the bottom of the cylinder closes against a moistened paper and cloth filter based

When you need a 100% recovery of the liquid, the web of SEPOR HI-SEAL filter must be used; this painting has a rubber perimeter and eliminates leaks. Comes with a pressure gauge, safety valve, leaking valve, quick connect fitting air, filter cloth, a canvas of HI-SEAL filter, a set of 100 filter paper high capacity moisture and rubber seals. Weight: 120 pounds. Wholesale supply.

SE070B-010Made of steel
SE070B-020Made of stainless steel type 316
SE070B-011Canvas additional standard filter
SE070B-012100 additional set of filter papers
SE070B-018Additional HI-SEAL filter cloth