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    Syringe pump Infusion / withdrawal 2 channelsSyringe pump Infusion / withdrawal 2 channels

Syringe pump Infusion / withdrawal 2 channels

  • 4.3" Color display, touch screen
  • 304 Stainless steel housing
  • CE certification
  • 3 years warranty

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Syringe pump Infusion / withdrawal 2 channels

The syringe pump with infusion/withdrawal mode, stainless steel body, and 4.3" color LCD screen is easy to operate. It can install and fix different types of injectors or syringes in the same time, and it is suitable for transferring micro flow rates with high precision (non-medical).


  • Online flow rate modification function :
    The pump is running, without stopping, adjust the flow rate at any time to meet complex application.
  • Colorful LCD display :
    Friendly interface, 4.3 inch LCD display every technical parameter in real time.
  • Input syringe inner diameter function :
    Can choose the injector from the list or input the injector inner diameter directly.
  • Two measurement mode for selection :
    Infusion volume - Infusion flow rate, Infusion volume - Infusion time.
  • 4 different working modes :
    Infusion, withdrawal, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion. The parameters of each working mode saving separately.
    Each working mode can be changed to continuous mode by setting repeat parameters.
  • Alarm function :
    The pump will stall and give an alarm when the drive structure of the pump is blocked.

Interface display

Applicable Syringes ( GeneqLab02 )
SyringeInside Diameter (mm)Flow Rate (uL/min-mL/min)
1ml4.700.0174 - 2.29
2ml9.700.0739 - 9.755
5ml12.480.1223 - 16.147
10mL15.890.1983 - 26.177
20mL20.000.3142 - 41.469
30mL22.500.3976 - 52.484
50mL28.900.6560 - 86.588
100mL32.000.8042 - 106.154
150mL40.001.2566 - 165.871
Technical Specifications ( GeneqLab02 )
Working modeInfusion, withdrawal, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion
Channel number2
Syringe size10μL-150mL
Syringe selectionSyringe size and customized diameter
Linear speed range1μm/min-132mm/min(Flow rate=Linear speed* syringe inner cut area)
Min. linear rate1μm/min
Linear force8-20kgf, online adjust
Max. stroke140mm
Stroke resolution0.078μm/μstep
AccuracyError ≤±0.3% (Stoke ≥30% of maximum stroke)
Back distance0.01-10mm
Stored modesCan save at most 60 modes
DisplayIndustrial grade 4.3” LCD color display
Control methodTouch screen and Mechanical keypad
Power-off memoryDisplay the previous data parameter after power supply again
OutputOC gate signal output, used to indicate running status and direction
External controlStart/stop signal, withdrawal and infusion signal, active switch signal (5-24V)
Start/stop signal, passive switch signal, such as foot pedal switch
Communication interfaceRS232/RS485, Modbus protocol (RTU mode)
Power supplyAC100-240V/65W
Condition temperature0-40°C
Relative humidity< 80%
IP ratingIP31
Dimension (mm)282 x 242 x 157