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    An Advanced Web-Based Dashboard for Monitoring and Managing Concrete PoursAn Advanced Web-Based Dashboard for Monitoring and Managing Concrete Pours

An Advanced Web-Based Dashboard for Monitoring and Managing Concrete Pours

  • Real-Time Data Display
  • Temperature Differential Analysis
  • Easy Report Sharing

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An Advanced Cloud-Based Dashboard for Monitoring and Managing Concrete Pours

Next Level of Concrete Analysis

The Giatec 360 cloud-based dashboard for monitoring concrete pours is the next level in data analytics, reporting, and user management capabilities for your SmartRock sensors. These user-friendly sensors are easily installed in the concrete formwork (on the rebar) before pouring to monitor your concrete’s in-place temperature and strength in real-time. The sensor data is accessible wirelessly in the free SmartRock app or remotely with the SmartHub™ device. As a desktop extension of the app, your information is synced on the Giatec 360 dashboard giving you access to numerous features that provide more insights into your projects than ever before.

Now available in multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Icelandic and many more to come.

Data Analysis Features

  • Powered by Roxi™, the world’s first artificial intelligence program for concrete testing
  • Estimate time and cost-savings of your project using Roxi

Temperature Monitoring Features

  • Analyze temperature differentials
  • Predict concrete temperature
  • Obtain real time concrete temperature data
  • Set up thresholds for your pours

Strength Monitoring Features

  • Gain insights into the performance of your concrete mixes in real-time
  • Easily generate calibration data in 4 different methods
  • Validate maturity calibrations
  • Obtain real time concrete strength data
  • Predict concrete strength

Thermal Modeling

Our newest thermal model feature allows users with mass concrete elements to experiment with different inputs and produce forecast scenarios outlining the anticipated behavior of the concrete at various depths to make sure they are prepared for anything. This user-friendly feature can be leveraged by multiple stakeholders to optimize planning, save time, validate important decisions and more.

Thermal modeling is a comprehensive solution that brings value to engineers, general contractors, and ready-mix producers. By specifying concrete pour settings, mix design, and element design, Giatec 360 now offers:

  • Optimized planning of mass concrete pours
  • Validated cooling needed for pouring temperature requirements
  • Building thermal control plans
  • On-the-fly mix design changes or alternative options to meet temperature requirements
  • Unlimited mix design iteration without physical testing
  • Time and cost savings
  • No need for expensive modeling or complex DYI computation
  • ACI 207.2R compliant calculation guidelines

Management Features

  • Manage user access levels and protect sensitive project data
  • Monitor multiple projects at the same time
  • Plot data between multiple sensors
  • Organize projects by section/pour
  • View user activity logs and connected devices
  • Generate PDF/CSV and other reporting options to make fast and efficient decisions
  • And all upcoming features


Giatec 360 is integrated with Procore and has a Rest API for easy integration into other construction management platforms. Now users can access project data like curing status and concrete maturity calibrations while sharing reports with stakeholders in their current platform of choice.