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    Non-destructive laboratory device for measuring bulk electrical resistivity of concrete specimens

Non-destructive laboratory device for measuring bulk electrical resistivity of concrete specimens

AASHTO TP 119 , ASTM C1876, CSA A23.3 – 26C

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Test the Durability of Concrete

RCON™ is an advanced non-destructive laboratory tool for measuring the bulk electrical resistivity of concrete at various ages. The device is fast (measurement time is less than 5 seconds),accurate (utilizing a variable frequency method),and flexible (measurements can be taken with different settings for verification). No additional sample preparations are required before testing. RCON allows for continuous measurement of electrical resistivity over time, which can be used to monitor important durability parameters of concrete, such as; cracking, moisture transfer, and setting time in concrete specimens.

Fast & Accurate Measurements  

In less than 5 seconds, easily test specimen at various stages of hydration in order to study workability, setting, and durability performance of concrete.

Non-Destructive Technology 

This non-invasive device can be used in both the lab and in the field to monitor concrete quality without disrupting structural integrity.

Customizable Setup 

The devices’ AC impedance technique continuously obtains measurements at customizable intervals set up in its easy-to-use software.


  • Fast measurement (<5 seconds)
  • Stand-alone operation device
  • Flexible sample holders
  • Customizable setup


  • AC measurement (Galvanostatic)
  • Phase detection (0-180 degree)
  • Accurate data (±2%)
  • Continuous measurement
  • Free user-friendly PC program


  • Diffusion of chloride in concrete
  • Rebar corrosion in concrete
  • Setting time of fresh concrete
  • Moisture transfer in concrete
  • Curing of concrete
  • Cathodic protection design
Reading RangeFrequency spectrumPhase measurementImpedance accuracyPhase accuracy
1 ~100 Ω1Hz ~ 30KHz0 ~ 180°± 2% ± 2digit 5 % ± 3digit
1 ~10 KΩ
10 ~ 100 KΩ
100 KΩ ~1 MΩ1Hz ~ 10KHz

Measurement Time

FrequencySampling timeReading time (minimum)
1 Hz ~ 4 Hz5 seconds 10 seconds
5 Hz ~ 30 KHz1 second2 seconds