• Rice Shaker

Rice Shaker

for Specific Gravity & Asphalt Rice Test

ASTM D2041 , ASTM C128 , ASTM D854 , ASTM D4867...

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The SGA-5R Gilson Rice Shaker for Specific Gravity & Asphalt Rice Test performs consistent, automatic agitation of Asphalt Rice Test vacuum pycnometers for deairing, freeing lab technicians for other duties.

It is also a useful deairing device for specific gravity tests of fine aggregates (ASTM C128) and soils (ASTM D854),as well as sample preconditioning per ASTM D4867 and AASHTO T 283.

The Rice Shaker features a built-in 0-99 min., 59 sec. digital timer with ±0.25 second accuracy, a vibration speed controller and a three position switch for manual or timed operation—all front panel mounted for easy use. Variable speed settings closely control agitation to avoid stripping of asphalt.

Gilson's exclusive EZ Clamp System quickly secures pycnometers. Push the buttons, slide into place and a quick twist secures the container. SGA-11 Alternate Clamping System is available separately. The kit includes rods and threaded speed knobs that tilt to slide freely on or off the rods, then tighten with a few turns to secure clamping. The rugged painted-steel case has non-slip rubber feet, eliminating the need for mounting. Adapter sets for the SG-16A and SGA-18A Aluminum Pycnometers are included. SGA-8 Adapter set fits various size Filter Flasks, Volumetric Flasks, LeChatelier Flasks and Mason Jar Pycnometers. SG-15 6,000g Pycnometer works well in mixes with aggregate size of up to 2in (51mm); SGA-7 Adapter Set required for its use.

The SGA-5RT version has modified vibration characteristics to meet Texas DOT requirements.


  • Repeatable agitation for Asphalt Rice Test and other specific gravity deairing operations
  • Variable vibration control allows for setting optimum agitation
  • Automatic operation minimizes operator error and frees technician from hand agitation

Included Items

  • Rice Shaker for Specific Gravity & Asphalt Rice Test
  • Fitted top and bottom Adapter Plates for SG-16A and SG-18A Aluminum Pycnometers


  • 2,000g/4,000g Pycnometers for asphalt specific gravity measurements of bituminous mixtures and meets ASTM D2041/AASHTO T 209 standards
  • SG-15 6,000g Pycnometer is suited for mixes with aggregates up to 2in (51mm); meets ASTM D2041/AASHTO T 209 standards
  • SGA-11 Alternate Clamping System is an alternative to the EZ Clamp System
  • SGA-7 Adapter Set for 6,000g Vacuum Pycnometer required for use with SG-15 Pycnometer when using the Rice Shaker
  • Filter Flasks are heavy-walled and often used as Pycnometers for weighing in air only. ASTM and AASHTO-compliant
  • Neoprene Stoppers w/ Glass tube has a 0.375in (9.5mm) hole, stopper is required for vacuum use with the Filter Flasks
  • SG-500 500ml Volumetric Flask is optimal for specific gravity testing of soils and aggregates
  • SG-24 LeChatelier Specific Gravity Flask for specific gravity determinations of hydraulic cement and other fine materials
  • SG-2 Jar and Top for Specific Gravity & Absorption of Fine Aggregate (Mason Jar Pycnometer) used in calculating volume occupied by fine aggregates in various mixtures
  • SGA-8 Flask Adapter Set required when running tests using the Flasks and Mason Jar Pycnometer (SG-2) listed
  • Digital Absolute Pressure Manometer measures applied vacuum during testing, NIST Certified models available

Meets Standard(s)

AASHTO T 209 , AASHTO T 283 , AASHTO T 100 , AASHTO T 84 , ASTM D2041 , ASTM C128 , ASTM D854 , ASTM D4867
Product Dimensions13 x 14 x 19in (330 x 356 x 483mm),W x D x H
Estimated Shipping Weight24.0lbs (10.89kg)