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    Gilson Sample Splitter works without creating objectionable dust and losing sample material.

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"TESS", our Totally-Enclosed Sample Splitter is like no other and was created by Gilson in response to customer demand.

Competitive "enclosed" designs actually have an open feed hopper so they can't be loaded or fed without creating objectionable dust and losing sample material. Customers also complained that the loose-fitting pans of competitive models really don't confine the sample well. The Model SP-10 or "TESS" is an adaptation of the top-selling SP-1 adjustable-chute splitter but designed so that all in-lab sample handling operations are done inside the splitter. Samples in a SPA-100 pan are placed in a slot inside the top of the splitter through a hinged door. After closing the door, the pan is dumped into the hopper by an external lever. When internal dust settles, the door may be opened momentarily to level the sample material in the hopper if desired before using a second lever to release the sample through the adjustable chutes and into two lower pans enclosed by spring-held covers. To continue splitting to 1/4, 1/8, etc. a bottom pan is switched with the feed pan, the covers closed, and the process is repeated until the needed sample fraction is obtained in the bottom pan. The SP-10 is equipped with a 1.0 ft.3 clamshell hopper, 48 adjustable chute bars and 60° chute orientation. Chute openings are adjustable to 1/2, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3, and 4 inches.

Totally-Enclosed Sample Splitter (TESS)
 ModelShipping lb (kg)Data Cu. Ft.
TESS, with 3 PansSP-10370 (168)28.4
Extra PansSPA-10011.0 (5.0)0.9
Porta Wheels, Set of 2PSA-1144.0 (1.8)0.2