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Special Dustpans  are available to fit TS or TM models for collecting and handling fines

3in (75mm) deep TSA-114 and 4in (100mm) deep TSA-112S pans have extra capacity for samples with high fines fractions.

The two piece TSA-116 Stationary Dustpan with Adapter, designed for use with TM models only, has a flexible sleeve, providing a dust seal to the stationary pan below.
Nuisance dust generated by fines separation is reduced.
TSA-117 Inclined Chute pan allows fines to be drawn off continuously into an external pan or bag. TSA-117 can not be used with TM-3, TM-4, TM-5 or TM-6 models. The TSA-114 can be used in Testing Screen without losing a tray space.
The Test-Master® will lose one tray space. Other trays will reduce maximum screen tray capacity of machines by one.

 GITSA117-: Testing Screen & Test-Master® Accessories