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    Testing Screens TS-1Testing Screens TS-1

Testing Screens TS-1

  • Particle Size Range: 4in—#4 (100.0—4.75mm)
  • Maximum Sample Volume: 1ft³ (28.3L)
  • Motion/Agitation: Vertical Vibration

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Testing Screens TS-1 are ideal for particle size determinations on large samples of aggregate, slag, ores, and other coarse materials.

Batch sizes up to one cubic foot (0.028m³),or more can be processed into six fractions in as little as three to five minutes, depending on material type. Vibration and amplitude characteristics are fixed at optimum for mineral aggregates in the 4in (101mm) to No. 4 (4.75mm) size range, but options and accessories are available for testing finer samples or special materials. Testing Screen models have the same performance characteristics but differ in the clamping mechanism, safeguarding devices, number of tray slots, and operational convenience features.

The drive mechanism is completely enclosed for added safety, and the powerful 1/2hp capacitor-type motor is operated with a starting switch with built-in overload protection. Independently removable Screen Trays and Dustpans are purchased separately and shared by both Testing Screen and Test-Master® models. The Trays have replaceable Screen Cloth and are available in a wide range of opening sizes with ASTM E11 and ISO 565 specification cloth or punched steel plate. Gilson Testing Screens are designed to be mounted to a solid, rigid floor system. Securing with anchor bolts to a concrete floor is recommended.

TS-1 Gilson Testing Screens use a quick-acting hydraulic pump system to clamp the screen trays in place. Trays are quickly released using the same handle. A total of six tray slots hold five Screen Trays plus a dustpan. This efficient model is recommended for labs with a steady workload of particle size testing.


  • Rapid particle size determinations for materials from 4in (101mm) to No. 4 (4.75mm)
  • The enclosed drive mechanism promotes safety during operation
  • Processes large samples up to 1ft³ (0.028m³) 

Included Items:

  • Gilson Testing Screen with Manual or Hydraulic Clamping (115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz)


  • Screen Trays with ASTM or ISO Wire Cloth or Punched Plate openings are available in a range of opening sizes and specifications
  • Additional Dustpans include a standard, 4in deep, 3in deep, or an inclined chute pan for fines collection and handling during the separation of aggregates and other materials.
  • Door Enclosures are a lightweight panel minimizing dust and noise and is easily removable.
  • TSA-156 Screen Tray Storage Rack provides storage of up to seven screen trays, fits on top or below most benchtops
  • TSA-167 Clean-N-Weigh Accessory offers a fast and efficient collection of size fractions from Testing Screen or Porta-Screen trays and speedy clean-up
  • TSA-180 Sound Enclosure is a sturdy enclosure cabinet that reduces noise during operations of testing screens; can be used with other laboratory equipment
  • Hydraulic Clamping Conversion Kit converts threaded manual clamping of TS-2 to the faster hydraulic system of TS-1, reducing the time of test cycles. The kit model is based on the Testing Screen serial number. For serial numbers 13825 or lower select TSA-155. For serial numbers 13826 or higher select TSA-159.  
  • TSA-169R Digital Lab Timer for controlling up to 1hp single-phase motors or 20amp loads. Operates in four different timing modes
  • TSA-154R Speed Variation Accessories allow precise control of vibration speed for reliable separation of materials
  • TSA-200 Low-Amplitude Drive Shaft is factory installed and used in conjunction with the Speed Variation Accessory for fragile or sensitive materials

Particle Size Range4in—#4 (100.0—4.75mm)
Screen Tray Capacity

TS-1 & TS-2 Models: 5 tray slots plus 1 for pan

Maximum Sample Volume1ft³ (28.3L)
Motion/AgitationVertical Vibration
Mounting CapabilityYes, must be bolted to floor

115V / 60Hz, 9.2 amps

Product Dimensions

TS-1 & TS-2: 23 x 31 x 43in (584 x 787 x 1,092mm),WxDxH

Estimated Shipping Weight

TS-1: 405.0lb (183.71kg)