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    High Temp Heavy Duty Box Furnace

High Temp Heavy Duty Box Furnace

  • Grieve - HD-183618-HT, HD-243618-HT, HD-243624-HT, HD-244824-HT and more
  • Uniformity at 100°F below maximum temperature
  • Rise Time in minutes to 100°F below maximum temperature
  • Tests run with empty oven and minimum exhaust

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These furnaces are used for a variety of heat treating applications such as tempering, hardening, sintering or firing, including those applications requiring higher temperatures.

Precision microprocessor based temperature controls and energy-saving insulation maximize the performance of these rugged units.

Outside Dimensions

  • All Models: Control panel overhang 9″ right side
  • Gas Models: Combustion blower overhang 36″ rear
  • Electric Models: Transformer overhang 24″ rear

Operating Characteristics

  • Accuracy as percent of controller span
  • Uniformity at 100°F below maximum temperature
  • Rise Time in minutes to 100°F below maximum temperature
  • Tests run with empty oven and minimum exhaust
  • Performance will vary with load and application


  • UL Listed Control Panel
  • Meets the Requirements of the Following Standards:
  • NFPA 86 (Standard for Ovens and Furnaces)
  • NFPA 70 (National Electric Code)
  • FM (Factory Mutual)
  • OSHA


  • When processing combustible material fire protection should be considered
  • Not for use with flammable solvents or vapors. Other models available for these applications

Safety Equipment

  • Adjustable manual reset excess temperature interlock to turn off heat on malfunction of main temperature controller

Electric Heat Includes

  • Separate heating element control contactors to turn off heat on malfunction of main control contactors
  • Door interlock turns off power to heating elements when door is opened to protect operator from line voltage at heating elements

Gas Heat Includes

  • Multiple modulating burners fired under hearth from opposing sides to circulate heated air
  • Automatic pre-ignition purge period to clear accumulated gas or fumes from furnace
  • Push button electric ignition
  • Microprocessor based electronic flame safeguard protection for each burner to continuously monitor flame and close gas valves if flame is not present
  • Combustion air blower
  • Combustion Blower air flow safety switch to close gas valves on loss of combustion air flow
  • High and Low gas pressure switches to confirm safe operating pressure range
  • Two pilot valves for each pilot to guarantee gas flow to pilot can be stopped
  • Two main safety shut off valves for each burner with valve seat position indicator to assure gas flow to each main burner can be stopped
  • Proof of closure switch on one main valve at each burner to prevent igniting pilot unless main valve is closed
  • Leak test station at each pilot and main burner valve to allow testing for leakage through valve
  • Door interlock drives main burners to low fire as door is opened to protect operator from flames


  • Digital temperature controller
  • LED pilot lights
  • On-off heat switch
  • 5 kA short circuit current rating (SCCR)


  • Choice of:
  • Air or Inert Atmosphere construction
  • Electric or Gas heat (Air construction only)
  • 208 volt, 230 volt or 460 volt, 3-phase, 60 HZ – other input power available
  • All welded construction
  • High temperature Kanthal AF rod overbend heating elements beneath hearth and hanging from J-hooks on vertical walls
  • Rear mounted power transformer provides low voltage for heating elements
  • 1000 BTU per cubic foot natural gas at 2 psig pressure – propane available. Inlet 1” NPT up to 800,000 BTU/hr, 1-¼ “ NPT to 1,000,000 BTU/hr, 1-½” NPT above 1,000,000 BTU/hr
  • Insulated with 4” of light weight, energy saving refractory ceramic fiber and 7” of firebrick (roof insulation 10” of Refractory Ceramic Fiber)
  • Load supporting floor insulated with 4” of 18-½ lbs per cubic foot density 1900⁰F block and 7” of firebrick
  • 3/16” steel plate reinforced furnace shell with Trilite Green enamel finish
  • ½” thick steel front plate around door
  • Fire brick throat and doorsill to protect furnace during loading
  • Brushed stainless steel control panel face
  • Powered vertical lift door
  • Electric door: Electromechanical operator pivots door, supported by structural steel arms and bearings, upward above furnace
  • Air door: Air cylinder lifts door hanging from heavy duty roller chain supported by sprockets, shaft and pillow block bearings
  • Door hot side faces away from operator
  • Soft insulation on door hot face seals against throat brick and steel front plate
  • 2” thick , heavy duty ceramic hearth plates supported by fire brick piers
  • Fully assembled and factory tested


Standard & custom-made Grieve ovens in action

*** Not for use with flammable solvents, vapors, or gases ***
HD-183618-HT18" x 36" x 18"6.859" x 81" x 77"2,200°F40425,00011"± 0.3%±25°F180140100"3004,500 lbs
HD-243618-HT24" x 36" x 18"965" x 81" x 77"2,200°F48450,00011"± 0.3%±25°F165125100"3604,800 lbs
HD-243624-HT24" x 36" x 24"1265" x 81" x 83"2,200°F56520,00011"± 0.3%±25°F155120110"3605,700 lbs
HD-244824-HT24" x 48" x 24"1665" x 94" x 83"2,200°F65600,00011"± 0.3%±25°F150130110"4806,500 lbs
HD-304830-HT30" x 48" x 30"2571" x 94" x 89"2,200°F72700,00011"± 0.3%±27°F165130118"6007,300 lbs
HD-306030-HT30" x 60" x 30"31.371" x 105" x 89"2,200°F78725,00011"± 0.3%±27°F180140118"7008,400 lbs
HD-364836-HT36" x 48" x 36"3677" x 94" x 95"2,200°F78800,00011"± 0.3%±30°F180140135"7508,600 lbs
HD-366036-HT36" x 60" x 36"4577" x 105" x 95"2,200°F88850,00011"± 0.3%±30°F180150135"8509,800 lbs
HD-367236-HT36" x 72" x 36"5477" x 117" x 95"2,200°F1001,000,00011"± 0.3%±30°F180150135"100010,500 lbs
HD-484836-HT48" x 48" x 36"4889" x 94" x 95"2,200°F90915,00011"± 0.3%±30°F180150135"9259,500 lbs
HD-484848-HT48" x 48" x 48"6489" x 94" x 107"2,200°F1101,100,00011"± 0.3%±33°F165130159"110010,500 lbs
>HD-487248-HT48" x 72" x 48"9689" x 116" x 107"2,200°F1581,500,00011"± 0.3%±35°F140120159"160013,500 lbs