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Inert Atmosphere Ovens

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Front-to-back horizontal air flow completely surrounds work on shelves or large parts placed directly on the optional reinforced work space bottom. Includes cooling jacket which can be equipped with optional cooling blower and automatic dampers. Installation of optional atmosphere purge solenoid, cooling blower and programming temperature controller provides completely automatic sequencing.

Standard Features
  • Standard Universal Ovens from Grieve meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standard 86, Industrial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA standards. For some applications, such as those involving flammable solvents or hazardous locations, the above organizations require additional safety devices.
  • Controls
    • Digital, microprocessor based, thermocouple actuated, indicating temperature controller
    • Motor control push buttons
    • On-off heat switch
    • LED pilot lights
  • Safety Equipment
    • Adjustable, thermocouple actuated, manual reset excess temperature interlock
    • Separate heating element control contactors
    • Recirculating blower air flow safety switch
  • Construction
    • All interior seams welded gas-tight
    • All wall penetrations welded at inside and fitted with compression fitting at outside of oven
    • Inner oven walls extended through oven throat area to seal directly against silicone rubber door seal
    • 2-point cam action positive latching door hardware
    • Adjustable offset door hinges to guarantee tight closure of door seal
    • Exterior blower shaft seal
    • Inert atmosphere inlet with pressure regulator to maintain positive pressure within oven
    • 0-200 CFH atmosphere flow meter
    • Pressure gauge to indicate interior oven pressure
    • Inert atmosphere outlet with pressure relief
    • Air jacket on inner oven for cooling
    • Front-to-back horizontal air flow
    • 304 stainless steel interior
    • Aluminized steel exterior with enamel finish
    • Brushed stainless steel control panel face
    • 10 lbs/cf density industrial rockwool insulation
    • Built-in baffles prevent radiant heat
    • Two (2) nickel plated wire shelves
    • Channel shelf supports prevent shelves tipping
    • 1 year limited warranty
  • Every oven fully assembled and individually factory tested


Model Workspace Outside
Cu. Ft.
IA-550 24" x 24" x 24" 8 44" x 55" x 50½" 550°F 400 1/3
IA-750 24" x 24" x 24" 8 48" x 59" x 52½" 750°F 400 1/3
IB-550 24" x 36" x 24" 12 44" x 67" x 50½" 550°F 400 1/3
IB-750 24" x 36" x 24" 12 48" x 71" x 52½" 750°F 400 1/3
IC-550 36" x 36" x 36" 27 56" x 67" x 62½" 550°F 600 1/2
IC-750 36" x 36" x 36" 27 60" x 71" x 64½" 750°F 600 1/2
ID-550 36" x 48" x 36" 36 56" x 79" x 62½" 550°F 600 1/2
ID-750 36" x 48" x 36" 36 60" x 83" x 64½" 750°F 600 1/2
* All Models— Control panel overhang 9" right side. Blower motor overhang 18" rear


Model Blower Insu-
Doors kW Operating Characteristics † Approx
HP Control
Rise Time
IA-550 1/3 6" Single 9 ±0.3% ±5°F 23 min 1075 lbs
IA-750 1/3 8" Single 12 ±0.3% ±8°F 35 min 1250 lbs
IB-550 1/3 6" Single 9 ±0.3% ±5°F 30 min 1315 lbs
IB-750 1/3 8" Single 12 ±0.3% ±8°F 57 min 1510 lbs
IC-550 1/2 6" Single 12 ±0.3% ±5°F 39 min 1700 lbs
IC-750 1/2 8" Single 18 ±0.3% ±8°F 55 min 2060 lbs
ID-550 1/2 6" Single 12 ±0.3% ±5°F 52 min 2180 lbs
ID-750 1/2 8" Single 18 ±0.3% ±8°F 73 min 2540 lbs
† Accuracy as percent of controller span. Uniformity at 50°F below maximum temperature. Rise Time in minutes to 50°F below maximum temperature. Tests run with empty oven and minimum exhaust. Performance will vary with load and application. See Bulletin TC-920 for additional details.


Standard Equipment
All Models
  • 208 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
  • 230 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
  • 460 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
  • Other electrical characteristics available

Each features completely wired, top access UL listed control panel enclosing terminals for incoming power, temperature controllers, push buttons and pilot lights. Motor starter and heating element contactors electrically interlocked to shut off heaters if power to blower is interrupted and to permit operation of blower without heat for cooling. Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements.

Two (2) reinforced 100 lbs uniformly distributed load capacity, nickel plated wire shelves. Models IA and IB will hold seven(7) shelves on 3" centers; Models IC and ID will hold five(5) shelves on 6" centers.

304 stainless steel interior with carbon steel blower and plated hardware. Trilite Green enamel painted aluminized steel exterior.

Inert atmosphere is introduced at blower shaft (1/2" NPT) and positive oven pressure maintained by inlet pressure regulator. Atmosphere flow indicated on 0-200 CFH flow meter. Oven pressure indicated on 0-5 inch water column pressure gauge. Continuously welded inner oven construction with compression fittings at wall penetrations maintains atmosphere integrity. Atmosphere outlet equipped with pressure relief which can be manually opened to increase inert gas flow for initial purge of air from oven. Adjustable positive latching door hardware and offset hinges assure positive door seal.


Additional Equipment Available
See Bulletin TC-960 for modifications and other optional equipment.
  • Additional Shelves, 100 lbs distributed load per shelf, 400 lbs maximum oven load, specify oven model when ordering.
  • Programmable Temperature Controller, microprocessor based, digital indicating, thermocouple actuated, in lieu of standard controller
    • Option PTC3
  • Recording Thermometer, thermocouple actuated, 24-hour, 10" diameter circular chart used in conjunction with standard controller
    • Option RT
  • Digital Timing Temperature Controller, microprocessor based, digital indicating, incorperates 99 hour 59 minute timer. Starts timing when temperature reaches set point and shuts down oven at end of set time
    • Option DTS3
  • Digital Shut Down Timer, with continuous "hold" feature
    • Option SDT
  • Digital Batch Timer, for uniformly timing batch operations. Continuous alarm with door interlock; alarms at end of preset period until door is opened or timer reset
    • Option BT
  • Automatic Door Switch, turns off blower and heat when door is opened. Restores blower and heat when door is closed
    • Option ADS
  • 24" Integral Oven Legs, with 1/8" steel plate shelf. Specify oven model when ordering.
    • Option ISTND
  • 24" Removable Oven Stand, with 1/8" steel plate shelf. Specify oven model when ordering
    • Option RSTND
  • 500 lbs Capacity Carbon Steel Subway Grating, oven work space bottom. Reduces work space height by 1". Specify oven model when ordering.
    • Option SUB
  • 304 Stainless Steel Components, including blower wheel, hardware and two stainless steel expanded metal shelves, specify oven model when ordering.
  • Automatic Purge, opens oven outlet automatically to purge air from oven, requires installation of optional programmable temperature controller
    • Option APS
  • Cooling Blower, connected to air jacket to provide accelerated cooling, includes 2-position motorized dampers, requires installation of optional programmable temperature controller
    • Option CB
  • Modulating Dampers, to regulate cool down rate, replaces 2-position dampers included with cooling blower. Includes heating/cooling programmable temperature controller in lieu of optional programmable temperature controller required with cooling blower
    • Option MD
Capacity HP Outlet
Approx Cooling
to 250°F from
500°F 750°F
IA 130 CFM 1/3 4" 40 min 70 min
IB 325 CFM 1/3 6" 30 min 50 min
IC 650 CFM 1/2 6" 40 min 60 min
ID 650 CFM 1/2 6" 55 min 75 min