• Accelerated Polishing Machine

Accelerated Polishing Machine

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The Accelerated Polishing Machine polishes samples of aggregates, simulating actual road conditions

 It is used in conjunction with the Portable Skid Resistance Tester to determine the Polished Stone Value for aggregates used in road surfaces, and gives a measure of the resistance to skidding. Fourteen specimens are clamped around the "road wheel" of the polishing machine, and subjected to two stages of polishing by a loaded rubber tire. First by corn emery, and secondly by emery flour. Use of the Accelerated Polishing Machine and the Skid Resistance Tester in road construction has had a major influence in reduction of accidents.
  • Heavy welded steel mainframe, standing in adjustable pads
  • Digitial display preset timer and revolution counter.
  • Specimens are easily affixed and removed from testing wheel
  • Water gravity fed from high level tank through calibrated flowmeter.
  • Used abrasive and water collected in removable tray.
  • Loaded tire raised and lowered to the running surface by machanical lifting device.
  • Easily removed covers and guards protect operator during testing and safety switch ensures removable saftey covers are in place.
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H-3205.3F Accelerated Polishing Machine, 110/230V, 50/60