• Air meter

Air meter

Calibration Kit

Calibration Vessel

The calibration vessel is made of durable, non-corrosive brass. During the calibration procedure it is filled with water taken from the base. When the calibration vessel is full, 5% of the volume has been removed from the base. The calibration procedure is finished when the pressure gauge indicates the same result. LA-0316-31-B

Bent Calibration Tube

The bent aluminium tube is used during calibration. It is screwed into corresponding threads in the particular petcock that also holds the straight calibration tube on the underside of the lid. This bent tube guides water flow into the calibration vessel. LA-0316-32

Straight Calibration Tube

The short, straight aluminium tube is screwed into corresponding threads on the underside of the lid at the location of the petcock with the bent tube already attached on top of the lid. Its function is to extend deep enough into the bowl of the base so that water can be siphoned to fill the calibration vessel during calibration. LA-0316-33