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    Benkelman Beam

Benkelman Beam


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The Benkelman beam measures the deflection of a flexible pavement under moving wheel loads

Extremely accurate and easy to use. Direct-reading dial indicator eliminates need for conversion tables or field calculations.

This pavement analysis tool provides the following features:


  • Precision accuracy
  • Easy to use on test site
  • Lightweight, quick set-up
  • Easy to transport, easy to store
  • No need for conversions or field calculations, gauges are direct read.

Order dial gauge separately

Dial indicator vibrator system assures accurate pavement measurements. Telescoping design adds convenience, reduces weight, and saves storage space. Lightweight aluminum construction.


Indicator Models Available
Cat. No.Description
H-3221HAHorizontal digital indicator,1" x 0.001"accuracy
H-3222Vertical Dial Indicator 1/2" x 0.002" Div. (Travel is 1" on Dial)
H-3222MVertical Dial Indicator 14mm x 0.02mm Div. (Travel is 28mm on Dial)


Ordering Informations
Cat. No.Description
HU3220A-0Benkelman Beam


Main bodyAluminum with black finish, 55" (1397mm) long
Probe beam8 ft. (2.4m) aluminum beam telescopes into body
Probe fulcrumProvides lever ratio of 2:1, ball pivot bearing
Vibrator systemAssures measurement accuracy. Top-mounted operating switch for easy use. Requires 4 "D" size batteries
Dial indicatorsOrdered separately. Adjusted for direct read
Leveling wheelElevation adjustment
Overall lengthWith beam fully extended 12 ft. (3.7m).