• CBR Specific, Automatic Load Frame

CBR Specific, Automatic Load Frame

The HM4156-000 is a fully automatic, single-speed Load Frame, (0.05 inches/minute), (1.27mm/minute), designed for those who want a high-quality, CBR/LBR application-specific Load Frame that provides simple operation with built-in data acquisition capabilities. The HM4156-000 provides two channels with integral data acquisition to accommodate a load cell and transducer for CBR/LBR testing. The machines's digital display provides the ability to monitor test data in real-time, as well as the ability to see a test's peak value at a glance.

The HM4156-000 includes load cell (HM2300.100), displacement transducer (HM2310.10), transducer bracket (HM4178BRT), penetration piston (HU4178-000) and Humboldt's HMTS CBR/LBR Software Module, (HM3005SW).


Features include:
  • 8" platen provides roomy, stable base for test equipment
  • Provides two channels with real-time data acquisition
  • Backlit LCD display for viewing test data and break values.
  • Battery-backed, real-time clock
  • RS232 interface for computer control and/or downloading data.
  • Provides Chart recorder output port.
  • Nonvolatile test data storage and instrument calibration
  • Auto conversation of instrument calibration between English and Imperial units and SI or metric units
  • User-selectable between CBR or Soil Cement tests
  • User-selectable time intervals for recording test data
  • Unit Auto-reverses to home position at the end of test
  • Automatic triggering of test logging data
  • Includes Humboldt's HMTS CBR/LBR Software Module HM-3005SW
NOTE for 220 50/60Hz operation
When HM-4156.4F is operated at 60Hz, the machines complies with ASTM D1883, .05" (1.27mm) per minute. When it is operated at 50Hz this machine complies with BS 1377: Part 4, .04" (1.00mm) per minute.


P/N   Name
HM2300.100 S-Type Load Cells - Load Cell 10000 lbf (50 kN)
HM2310.10-00 Linear Strain Conversion Transducers (LSCT) - 1.0" (25mm)
HU4178-000 Penetration Piston
HM4178BRT-00 LSCT Mounting Bracket - CBR and 3" bracket
HM3001SW-000 HMTS Reporting Software, CBR/LBR Module


Cat. No. Description
HM4156-000 CBR Specific, Automatic Load Frame, 120V 60Hz
HM4156.4F-00 CBR Specific, Automatic Load Frame, 220V 50/60Hz