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Cement Autoclave — H-3240

Cement Autoclave, 220V 50/60Hz w/ transformer— H-3240.4F
Uses accelerated means of estimating delayed expansion of Portland cement caused by hydration of CaO and MgO. Test bars are exposed to controlled steam pressure and corresponding constant temperature. Unit produces 60-350 psi (0.4-2.4MPa) range of pressures and consists of steam vessel, pressure regulator, pressure gauge (0-600 psi x 5 psi), air vent valve, power switches and safety pop valve set at 350psi. Includes thermometer, wrench and 5 gaskets. Additional gaskets, heating units and safety pop valves are available as replacement parts.

Chamber dimensions: 6-1/8" ID x 16".

Overall dimensions:
17 x 48 x 28" (431 x 1219 x 711mm) 1700W maximum power demand. Meets ASTM C151; AASHTO T107.
Shipping wt. 171 lbs. (77.7kg)

Rupture Disk, Monel— H-3240.21M
Rupture Disk, Nickel— H-3240.21N

Rupture disks are used as safety devices in systems that involve pressure vessels, eliminating the need for a safety valve. The rupture disk is designed to be the weakest part of a pressure system so if there is a situation when excessive pressures occur, then the rupture disk fractures or opens thus releasing the builtup energy rendering the system safe. Rupture disks are a simple, yet reliable method for providing a safe system, which does not require calibration.

Rupture Disk Holder— H-3240.22
Rupture disk holder, complete with piping to attach to cement autoclave. Order rupture disks separately above.

Test Bar Holder— H-3243B
Test bar holder for 10"-long (254mm) gauge bars; 8-bar capacity. Holds specimens vertically, above water level, so each test bar is exposed to steam. Meets ASTM C141, C151; AASHTO T107.

Test Bar Holder— H-3243A
Test bar holder for 5"-long (127mm) samples.