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    Filterless Asphalt Centrifuge Extractor

Filterless Asphalt Centrifuge Extractor

HU1857A-00, ASTM D1856, AASHTO T164

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The continuous-flow filterless centrifuge extractor is ideally suited for use in the extraction of mineral fines from bitumen-laden solvents obtained from standard asphalt extraction tests. 

In operation, the solvent suspension is fed through the top funnel into a special aluminum beaker, (2) H-1857.5 supplied). Using the high, 11,000 rpm centrifugal force, the liquid moves up the beaker wall and out the overflow tube while the solids remain for easy removal at test completion. The system allows the continuous feeding of the suspension until the solids- retaining capacity of the beaker is reached. The unit is supplied complete with a No. 18 (1.0mm) and No. 200 (75_m) sieve for placement at the top of the inlet funnel. Using this arrangement, an asphalt mix extraction test can be carried out by pre-dissolving the mix with solvent and then pouring the sample into the sieve. 

Dimensions: 20" x 15" x 33" (508 x 380 x 840mm).


Cat No    Desciption
HU1857A-00Centrifuge Extractor, Filterless 120V/60Hz
HU1857A.2FCentrifuge Extractor, Filterless  230V/60Hz
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