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Concrete Penetrometer


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  • Lightweight, spring-reaction type concrete penetrometer for field and lab evaluation of the initial set of concrete mortar, based on ASTM C403.
  • Penetration plunger has a 1/20 sq. in. tip area. Plunger is steadily pushed into the mortar to a 1 in. depth, as indicated on the shaft, at periodic time intervals.
  • Penetrometer's calibrated range is 0-700 psi. Resistance in psi is indicated on the scale.
  • The term "initial set" is the semi-hardened, partially hydrated condition of the concrete beyond which it can no longer be worked.
  • The point of initial set is reached when the penetration value is 500psi.
  • Complies with ASTM C780


H-4134FPenetrometer Foot


Cat. No.Description
HU4134-000Concrete Penetrometer