• Constant-Falling Head Permeameters

Constant-Falling Head Permeameters

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For use with granular soils in determining the coefficient of permeability via the constant or falling-head method for laminar flow of water.

Compact and portable unit includes manometer tube, scale and permeameter base attached to a platform. Funnel provides adjustable constant head reservoir. Spring incorporated into top cap to apply 5-10 lbs. force against top stone or screen to prevent soil density changes. End caps and clamping ring of anodized aluminum.

Each set complete with: permeameter; manometer tube; two funnels; either porous stones or perforated screens depending on diameter (6" and 9" used perforated screens), and tubing for connection to water source.

Shipping wt. 13 lbs. (5.9kg)


Permeameter Sets Model
2.5" (63 mm) Permeameter Sets HM3891-000
3.0" (76 mm) Permeameter Sets HM3892-000
4.5" (114 mm) Permeameter Sets HM3893-000
6" (152 mm) Permeameter Sets HM3894-000
9" (229 mm) Permeameter Sets HM3895-000


P/N   Name

Constant/Falling Head Permeameters - 2.5" (63mm)
HM3892-000 Constant/Falling Head Permeameters - 3.0" (76mm)
HM3893-000 Constant/Falling Head Permeameters - 4.5" (114mm)
HM3894-000 Constant/Falling Head Permeameters - 6" (152mm) with perforated screen
HM3895-000 Constant/Falling Head Permeameters - 9" (229mm) with perforated screen