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    Deluxe Water Bath

Deluxe Water Bath

ASTM D6927, ASTM D5581, ASTM D4867

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Water Bath with microprocessor-based temperature control for precise temperature control throughout the range.

Includes magnetic circulator, ensuring constant water temperature, and, a stainless steel shelf, which stands 2" (51mm) above the bottom of the unit for free circulation of water above and below test samples. Volume is 7.76 gallons (29.40L) and dimensions are: ID: 19.5"W x 11.5"D x 8" H (495.3 x 292.1 x 203.2mm). Meets ASTM D1559. Shipping wt. 47 lbs. (21.4kg)

Humboldt waterbaths are a perfect match for Marshall and Superpave test applications and meet ASTM D6927, D5581 and D4867. Humboldt water baths feature a microprocessor-based digital controller for precise temperature control throughout their temperature range of ambient to 180°F (82°C) at an accuracy of +/-0.1% of input span. The dual digital display simultaneously shows the set point and the process temperature at a glance.

Humboldt Water Baths are fully insulated to help maintain constant temperatures easily. The Model H-1390 can accommodate (12) 4" diameter or (3) 6" diameter Marshall specimens at a time. The H-1390 includes a stainless steel shelf, which supports specimens while allowing 2" of free circulating water above and below specimens. H-1390 utilizes a magnetic stirring bar to induce water flow within the bath and ensure a uniform temperature is maintained.