• Digital bench oven

Digital bench oven

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Quincy combine our proven 21 and 31 series design and dimensions with precise digital PID microprocessor temperature controller.

This microprocessor with a J type thermocouple will hold set temperatures accurately within 1 degree with improved chamber uniformity.

Control features include large easy-to-read dual LED display, showing both set and process temperatures, select C or F units, autotune feature healps optimize PID parameters to balance oven faster temperature recovery times and processing of batch-style work loads not requiring accurate temperature stability.

Cat. No. Description
21-250EBench oven, 7cu.ft., Max. Temp.: 300°F
21-350EBench oven, 7cu.ft., Max. Temp.: 450°F
31-350EBench oven, 10cu.ft., Max. Temp.: 450°F