Digital Cement Calorimeter

Digital Cement Calorimeter


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For determining heat of hydration of cements by measuring difference between heat of solution of dry cement and heat of solution of a separate sample partially hydrated for 7 to 28 days. Constant-speed stirrer maintains uniform temperature throughout liquid and supplies sufficient agitation to keep solid reactant suspended in the acid mixture.

Includes insulated wood case, insulated 1G (3.8L) can; 1 pt. (0.47L) vacuum jar with stopper; 2-channel, Precision Digital Thermometer; plastic funnel; stirring paddle and chuck; geared synchronous motor.

  • Complies with ASTM C186.
  • Shipping wt. 82 lbs (37kg)


Cat. No.Description
HU3161-000Digital Cement Calorimeter 110v / 60hz
HU3161.2F-Digital Cement Calorimeter 220v / 60hz